The Pearl of Africa

The Pearl of Africa

East Africa is the Eastern region of the African continent. The region comprises of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan also known as the E.A.C (East African Community).They also form part of the African Great Lakes Region. Rwanda and Burundi are also considered as central Africa.

East Africa has a stunning scenic geography that was formed by global plate tectonic forces that created the East African rift. East Africa is the home to some stunning landmarks that complies of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the two tallest peaks in Africa, it's also home to the second largest fresh water lake in the world - Lake Victoria and the second deepest lake in the world - Lake Tanganyika. East Africa largely enjoys rather equatorial climatic conditions.

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Rainfall in East Africa

Elnino events dictate or influence rainfall in East Africa. Temperatures in East Africa are generally moderate with the maximum of 25°C/ 77°F and minimum of 15°C / 59° F and at an altitude between 1500meters to 2500meters.

The climate is generally suitable for agriculture which exposed the region to the European exploration, exploitation and colonization in the 1900 centaury.

Today tourism becomes a very strong pillar in the economies of the region.